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Quatro Ironing Board

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Vapor permeable monoblock ironing area

Ironing parking area suitable for two-way use

280 degree heat resistant silicone pads that protect the soleplate from scratches and slips

All metal parts are electrostatic oven painted.

Specially designed ironing board fabric and felt

Thanks to the ergonomic design, normal iron and ironing boiler parking area

Ironing area dimensions 44 x 122 cm

Min / max height 80 / 110 cm

Weight 9 kg

Dimensions Length 169cm Width 45 cm Thickness 8 cm

Pieces in a box 2 pieces

Box dimensions 170x45x16

Vertical foot pipe thickness 20 x 40 x 0.80 0val

Horizontal foot pipe thickness 0x45 0.80 pipe

Name product : Quatro Ironing Board